For most of its first ten years (1992 to 2002), the Surety Association of Canada operated with only one full time staff member (Bruce Gordon retired in August 1994 and was replaced by current president, Steve Ness).  With the new fee arrangement, the association was now in a position to bring in staff reinforcements to (a) deal with the expanding administrative requirements; (b) more effectively address member needs; and (c) give us a stronger presence across the country.  In the 10 years between 1999 and 2009, SAC staff expanded to five with locations in Mississauga (Toronto), Montreal and western Canada.

  • A full time administrative coordinator was added in 1999.
  • In 2005 the position of Director of Membership/Stakeholder Services was created to respond to ever growing volume of inquiries and requests for assistance. This new position also assumed responsibility for special areas such as the Tender Alert Program and Electronic Bonding.
  • Satellite offices were created to address local needs:
    • An administrative support person was added in Montreal to address the unique needs of Quebec construction and business environment.
    • In 2009, a Business Developments Manager for Western Canada was brought on to provide a face for the association and industry in the four western-most provinces and to provide better service to the region.


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