H. Robert Maddock - 2012

Mr. Maddock worked in the surety industry for 37 years.  He began his career as an underwriter trainee with the Aetna Casualty and Surety Company in 1973.  He served on both the company and brokerage side and in 1998; he started up the Canadian operation of CNA Surety where he worked until his retirement in December 2010.

Mr. Maddock is true people person and always placed a strong emphasis on personal relationships in every aspect of his life.  He brought perspective and a sense of humour to work with him every day which served as an inspiration to those who worked with him.  Mr. Maddock always had time for young people in the industry and was considered a mentor by countless underwriters and brokers across the industry.

Among Mr. Maddock’s many accomplishments was his role in the founding and establishment of the Surety Association of Canada as a member of the “Gang of Five” renegades who set out to separate surety from its insurance cousins and establish an independent surety advocacy organization. This group’s determined efforts convinced industry participants across the country to buy in to their vision and led to the formation of the Surety Association of Canada in June 1992.

After SAC was formed, Mr. Maddock was an active and regular contributor to its success, serving as an original member of both the Board of Directors and the Ontario Regional Committee.  He served on the board on three occasions and is the only director in the association’s history to sit as a director for three different member firms. 

(L to R): David Dykes, Steve Ness, Rob Maddock and Mike George