SAC’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations – Recap

October 23, 2017

On September 28, the Surety Association of Canada celebrated its 25th anniversary in Toronto at the Royal York Hotel.  More than 350 people came to celebrate this milestone in the Association’s history.  At the gala dinner, SAC recognized the 2017 ACSB graduates and presented the President’s Award and the Steward of Suretyship Award.

The President’s Award – Ray Bassett, Travelers Canada
This award is presented annually by the Association’s staff to the individual(s) who best demonstrate exemplary volunteer service.  To read about Ray’s contributions, please visit our website

Steward of Suretyship – Pierre Lemoyne, RSA Insurance Company of Canada
The Steward of Suretyship Award recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the surety profession over the course of their career.  The Steward of Suretyship Award is only presented when a candidate who merits its receipt is brought forward for consideration.  A candidate must demonstrate the following characteristics:

• High ethical standards.

• Well-respected by clients, peers, competitors and partners.

• Recognized as a true professional.

• Successful in the conduct of their business.

• Ability to look beyond their own success by participating in the development of the surety industry through active involvement in industry issues and support of the activities of the Surety Association of Canada.

To read about Pierre’s contributions and service to the industry, please visit our website.

ACSB Graduates
Congratulations to the following individuals who received their ACSB designation over the past year:

Lukas Gudelj                                      Intact Insurance

Mark Dunn                                         Regional Municipality of York

Mark Dunstan                                  Aon Canada

Ashley Farris                                     BFL Canada Insurance Services Inc.

Andrea Grieves                               Sovereign General Insurance

Maya Hari                                           Intact Insurance

Blaine Hutton                                   Liberty International Underwriters

Gaurav Kapoor                                Marsh Canada

Marisa Medeiros                            Intact Insurance

Brittany Nicolas                              Aon Canada

Jennifer Paranuik                           Intact Insurance

Sarika Patrao                                     Aon Insurance

Shannon Simpson                           Lloyd Sadd Insurance

Jeremy Sztuka                                  Intact Insurance

Anthony Jason Winters              PL&B Insurance

Alvin Wong        

Dawnie Wong                                  Toole Peet & Co. Limited

Congratulations to Ray, Pierre and the ACSB graduates and a BIG thank you to the 2017 sponsors and all members who came out and supported the Association on September 28 and made the 25th anniversary celebrations such a success!