A.C.S.B. Curriculum

To be eligible for the A.C.S.B. designation, students must complete all six courses (four core courses and two electives). Principles of Suretyship is a prerequisite for the two other surety courses (Contract Surety and Construction and Surety Law) and must be taken first. Other than that, students are free to take the courses in any order they choose.

Principles of Surety, Construction and Surety Law, and Contract Surety courses have been developed by the Surety Association of Canada using course material and text books from existing resources and developed in consultation with outside sources.  Where material is American-centric or not applicable in Canada, Canadian supplements will be supplied.

Please note that the Principles of Suretyship,  Construction and Surety Law and Contract Surety courses are only available two (2) semesters annually, in the Fall and Winter.


Core Courses

Principles of Suretyship (must be taken first) SCS 0933
Accounting: The Fundamentals*    SCS 0984
Construction and Surety Law  SCS 0935
Contract Surety                SCS 0934


*Students can apply for an exemption from Accounting: The Fundamentals (No. SCS 0984) by submitting a certified transcript from an accredited post-secondary educational institution where they successfully completed an equivalent course.  This should be submitted at the time of registration in the program.


Elective Courses

Business Law      SCS 0973
Business Management   SCS 0977
Business Strategy             SCS 0974
Economics (Introductory)              SCS 0980
Financial Accounting & Analysis (Intermediate)  SCS 0982
Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 SCS 3404
Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 SCS 3405
Financial Accounting (Advanced)               SCS 0914
Financial Management   SCS 0976
Leadership in Business Analysis  SCS 2382
Management Accounting              SCS 0983
Management Accounting (Advanced)     SCS 0915
Marketing (An Introduction)        SCS 0978
Organizational Behaviour             SCS 0988
Risk Control                         SCS 0985
Risk Management (The Foundations of)                 SCS 2921
Risk Financing                     SCS 0986
Taxation for Canadian Business                  SCS 0975
Writing (Business)  SCS 3213



NOTE:  Course Titles and Numbers can vary. If there are discrepancies between the above list and the information published by the University of Toronto, please contact the SAC office for clarification at (905) 677-1353 or by email at surety [at] suretycanada.com.