Re-Branding - A New Look, A New Focus

By the end of its second decade, it was clear that the Surety Association of Canada was no longer the same organization that tentatively stepped into light 20 years earlier. True, we had become; partly by default, but mostly by design, the authoritative voice on surety matters across the country. But in fact we’d evolved into much more than that. The complex nature of our product and the lack of understanding surrounding it, required us to readjust our focus and become an educator as well as an advocate.

In 2012, the SAC Board of Directors redefined the association’s branding premise to more accurately reflect its mandate and core objectives. The red and grey circular logo which had been the association’s trademark since its inception had outlived its usefulness.  While having a certain visual appeal, it conveyed nothing about SAC or its mission. Moreover, in a well-intentioned effort to appeal to both founding cultures, it incorporated the word “surety” and its French equivalent “caution”; which was often misinterpreted by English speaking stakeholders.

The blue grey graphic design of the 2012 logo comes in three versions; English, French and Bilingual and can be seen as either an open book, or two completed buildings.

The association’s tag line was changed from “The Voice of Surety in Canada” to “Your Bonding Resource”. 


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