Claude Baillargeon - 2009

Following his admission to the Bar of Québec in 1974, Mr. Baillargeon went on to complete a Master's degree in the law of insurance and of civil litigation at the University of London, England in 1975.  He practiced law in the firm of Lavery, de Billy, where served as a partner from 1980 until his untimely death in November 2000.  Mr. Baillargeon’s main areas of practice were in construction, surety and fidelity law, as well as officers’ and directors' liability insurance.

He was a member of the Canadian Bar Association (founder of the Québec division’s Construction Section), the American Bar Association (member of the "Forum Committee on the Construction Industry" and the "Fidelity and Surety Committee", the International Association of Defense Counsel (member of the "Construction Law and Litigation Committee" and the "Fidelity and Surety Committee") and Fellow of the Canadian College of Construction Lawyers. Mr. Baillargeon also authored of the Québec sections of the standard reference work Scott & Reynolds on Surety Bonds.

Mr. Baillargeon was also an active participant in the activities of the Quebec Chapter of the Surety Association of Canada having served on the Quebec Regional Committee from its inception of the association in 1992 until 1998. He was the driving force behind the SAC Standard Indemnity Agreement which he created to in response to changes in Quebec’s civil code in the mid-90s. This indemnity agreement continues to be used by SAC members.

Mr. Baillargeon was an exceptional man, not only in his skill and learning as lawyer, but also in his exemplary character.  He had an optimistic nature and was dedicated to his family.  Everyone in the surety industry who knew Mr. Baillargeon respected and admired him.