Eberhard R. (Dick) Amann - 2006

Mr. Amann started his career in insurance 1963 with the Quebec Casualty/Surety Department of the Guardian Insurance Company of Canada.  In 1966 he became Manager of the Auto/Casualty/Surety Department of Guardian's city branch in Montreal.  Two years later, he assumed the position of Assistant Casualty Manager for Canada of Guardian, a role that included responsibility for Guardian's Surety portfolio.  In 1971, Mr. Amann was appointed Surety Manager for Canada when Guardian established a separate surety department, a position which he held until retiring in 2003 from ING Canada.  (ING merged with Guardian in 1998.)

Among the highlights of Mr. Amann’s 40-year surety career were:

  • Winning the William Conway Butler Memorial Award in 1966 as the most outstanding student in Canada in the Casualty Branch, Part III, of the Insurance Institute of Canada.
  • Receiving his fellowship from the Insurance Institute of Canada in 1978.
  • Receiving his university level fellowship from the Insurance Institute of Canada in 1979.

Mr. Amann was a member of the National Surety Committee of the Insurance Bureau of Canada from 1978 to 1992 and served as chairman of the customs bond sub-committee.  When the Surety Association of Canada was formed in 1992 he became a founding member of the Board of Directors where he served until his retirement.

Dick Amann is congratulated by Ain Kirves on being one of the first five individuals to receive this honour.