Gerald Kuehne - 2011

Mr. Kuehne graduated from Loyola College in Montreal with a degree in psychology in 1969 and entered the world of suretyship one year later in the Montreal office of Aetna Casualty and Surety Company.  He remained on the company side for almost 15 years serving with Aetna (twice), the Canadian Surety Company, The Mortgage Insurance Company of Canada and with The Canadian Great Lakes Casualty & Surety Company.  In 1984, Mr. Kuehne moved to the brokerage side and created the first “brokerage-for-brokers” which helped other brokers place surety accounts in the market place. This led to the establishment of his own brokerage firm in 1985.  He continued to actively engage himself as a surety broker until his retirement in 2005.

Over the course of his career, he was always actively involved in industry issues. He contributed to the revision of the C-45 Surety Course Manual of the Insurance Institute of Canada and taught more than 350 hours of bond courses for the Institute.  He also gave presentations and information sessions to owners and other trade association to promote surety bonds and the suretyship process.

In 2002, his book entitled "L'ABC du Cautionnement" (The ABC’s of Surety) was published.

On the association side, he was a long time member and participant with the National Association of Surety Bond Producers and he was active on the Surety Committee of the Insurance Bureau of Canada before the formation of the Surety Association of Canada in 1992.  Mr. Kuehne remained as a member of SAC’s Quebec Regional Committee until his retirement and was also head of the Surety Committee for the Corporation des Entrepreneurs Generaux du Québec. 

Pierre Lemoyne (left) presents the 2011 Steward of Suretyship Award to Gerald Kuehne.